Lyubomir Milinov

Lyubomir Milinov

Lubomir is a manufacturer and distributor of original mead (fermented honey) from Slovakia and Poland. He is a member of the Free Reconstructors Association and he sells mead at medieval festivals, wearing medieval clothing.

Mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage ever produced by humans. Often called honey wine, it is the simplest form of fermented honey and water, with the addition of yeast. In ancient and medieval history there are countless references to it.

Today technological possibilities seem endless. Spices, fruits, grapes or apples may be added. Mead can be dry or sweet; as a wine or as a carbonated drink. Its color varies from almost transparent to very dark. In most cases, the drink contains supplements and spices.

The taste of different types of honey is more complex and finer than the taste of fruit and malt. Mead is appreciated as an aperitif or afternoon drink, making it suitable for social events or dinners that you spend alone. A bottle of mead is a good gift for business contacts or a great gift for friends or family. The taste of the mead is delightful when served warmed with cinnamon and cloves or chilled with ice and a slice of lemon.

Besides taste qualities it also has healing powers - positive impact on the immune, digestive and cardiovascular system. The drink of love, the secret of eternal life, the elixir of youth, the fountain of energy and health. These are all descriptions of mead, which our ancestors drank.


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