Ivan Rendakov from Plovdiv

Ivan Rendakov from Plovdiv

Ivan Rendakov was born in 1963 in Plovdiv. At the end of last century, driven by his interest in historical weapons, he became a member of the “Tradition” National Society. He participated in the first historical restoration with the medieval line "Valor and Glory" in 2004 at the Shumen Fortress. Ivan Rendakov made his own armor and weapons that seem adequate compared to the other participants from the Bulgarian side. A few more appearances in the same style are following. In 2006 he left the „Tradition“ National Society and, with a few more enthusiasts, founded the „Rodolyubie Committee“ - Plovdiv. In 2008 he organized with the like-minded people the first reconstruction of the Battle of the Varbish Pass, being reincarnated into the Nicephorus I Genik. He is the creator of the Association for Antique and Medieval Reconstructions "Strength" (already non-existent) and, as co-chairman, begins organizing medieval and antique festivals in Plovdiv in formats appearing for the first time in Bulgaria - medieval fairs and antique festivals with Roman orientation. Since then, he has started to produce leather, metal and glass items for the purposes of historic reconstruction. He is also involved in presenting Roman cuisine during festivals.

Since the autumn of 2010 he has joined the informal organization "Association of Free Reconstructionists in Bulgaria". During this time, he began to maintain a modest blog with the subjects he makes for historical restorations: https://ivan-rendakov.blogspot.com/

In the following years he took part in almost all the valuable reconstruction and historical events in the country as a Roman slave trader and a medieval jewelry master from the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdoms. Over the years, he has been actively involved in historic restorations in Italy and Serbia. He organizes workshops for the production of glass beads, works with children and young people, transmits the craft to all who are interested. From the materials bronze and brass he makes bracelets, torquets, earrings and clips, rings, fibulas and other jewelry from different historical periods - Antiquity, Early and Late Middle Ages. He has made several sets of medical instruments and bronze mirrors for the Roman period. Unique to Bulgaria is his reconstruction of the multifunctional knife, a finding from the Lublen village, which is located in the Targovishte Museum. He draws on the ideas of his work from historical finds and artifacts, often adding his own elements to the style and traditions of ancient masters.


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