Association "Avitohol"

Association for restoration and preservation of Bulgarian traditions "Avitohol"

The association was founded in 2012 in Varna and its chairman is Jasmine Parvanov. The association organizes and conducts events, fairs, seminars and various forums pursuing its main goals:  searching, exploring, restoring and preserving of the Bulgarian traditions, historical heritage, military affairs, way of life and culture of the Bulgarians. The efforts of “Avitohol” participants are aimed at studying and preserving the traditions of the Bulgarians during the Early Middle Ages, their places of residence, life and culture; restoring military and equestrian traditions and in studying the combat practices.

The association is the organizer of the annual International Festival  “Days of Ancestors” at the Pliska National Historical and Archeological Reserve, in eight consecutive editions since 2012, with over 220 participants from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Poland. “Avitohol” organizes the Autumn Fair Workshop “Roots of the Bulgarians” at the Pliska Research Institute (since 2012), the National Medieval Fair "Magical Madara" (since 2016) as well as madara (since 2015). In 2017, the Association organized the National Celebration of “The Battle of Aheloy”. “Avitohol " is the basis of the medieval section of the International Festival of Ancient Cultures" Todorka's Sun " in Ohoden village, district Vratsa ( in 2015 and 2016), and the Festival of Medieval Life and Culture "Shumen Fortress" (in 2017). Over the years, the association participates in annual historical restorations, festivals and fairs in the country and abroad, organized by related associations and clubs: in the fortresses Tuida - Sliven, Hotalich - Sevlievo, Tsarevets - Veliko Turnovo, Abritus - Razgrad, in the Shumen fortress, in the National historical and archeological reserve “Madara”, in “The Battle of the Varbis Pass”, the Historic Festival - Emes Park, Budapest. Together with Asparuhovo District in Varna Municipality, “Avitohol” organized and presented the historical performance "The Bulgarian Army - From khan Asparuh to the Present Day".

The members of the association also create exhibitions and organize expositions of clothing, armaments and equipment of the Bulgarians during the Middle Ages in various archeological museums in the country. Five consecutive years in the Pliska Research Institute, together with the Regional Museum of History - Shumen, “Avitohol” presents reconstruction of an early medieval Bulgarian dwelling - a yurt made entirely of dense wool, with an exposition of reconstructed belongings from the life and culture of the early medieval Bulgarians from the period of VI - VIII century.

In 2014 and 2016, together with Yordan Sivkov and Kalina Atanasova - Budumba, the association presented a reconstruction of clothing and armaments from the Early and Late Middle Ages within the event “Medieval Evenings” at the Faculty of History at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ", and in 2018 together with Kalina Atanasova - Budumba presented a reconstruction of clothing and armaments to the academic community at Southwestern University" Neofit Rilski "- Blagoevgrad.

“Avitohol” conducts open-air live history lessons and equestrian demonstrations in front of students from Varna and Valchi Dol schools. The association organized and held six seminars on traditional archery in Varna with distinguished archers and world archery champions Dimitar Trukanov from Sofia and Mihai Kozmei from Romania. Courses for the study of ancient crafts, such as pottery, felting, leather, weapons and equipment, are also held.

The Association's priorities are to work with children and young people, to support their education and upbringing in the spirit of Bulgarian traditions. In 2016 the project "The Bulgarian Army - From khan Asparuh to the Present Day" - a fairy tale about the Bulgarian warrior, was successfully implemented featuring 50 children from Varna schools.



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