Emil Marinov from Shumen

Emil Marinov from Shumen

Emil deals with artistic interpretations and replicas of military equipment, helmets, knee pads, ritual vessels and various accessories for clothing and equipment from Antiquity and the Middle Ages. He emphasizes his interest in ancient techniques, which he restores with great love. He is a graduated goldsmith, member of the Masters Association. He has been pleased to participate in almost all historical restorations in the country and abroad for more than seven years. He displays medieval plastic. At the very spot of the event he designs and also offers to everyone to try to make for themselves medallions of authentic designs, ornaments and jewelry, as well as to carve a coin on ancient designs.

Emil recreates artistic metalworking and jewelry making. He mainly uses materials of bronze, brass and copper, but is not alien to the gold and silver with which he creates wonderful products - specimens from the past.

In addition to participating in ancient and medieval festivals, Emil trains children and young people in the production of metal objects, acquaints them with the techniques of metal-plastic from Antiquity and the Middle Ages. The children attend his free lessons with interest and many of them especially travel to Shumen for lessons with him. As well as being a craftsman in the festivals in Constanta, Medgidia and Alba Iulia in Romania, he also participated as a legionnaire - there from he bears the marks of difficult battles. This, however, does not interfere him from creating and recreating the beauty of ancient objects from Antiquity and the Middle Ages, investing all his skill and love in it.


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